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Years of research and advanced latest generation technical systems lead to the birth of the Spring Revolution brand

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Performance, research, innovation, elegance, quality: these are the synonyms of Made in Italy. A brand that the company can boast: all Spring Revolution products are in fact studied, designed and manufactured in Italy. From yarn to packaging, Primavera International makes use of designers and consultants with proven experience who take care of the pre and post production phase.


The Company uses only high-quality materials; chooses the ideal combination of yarns for each item; obtains exclusive models with specific peculiarities that improve the well-being and performance of the sportsman.


Through the Spring Revolution brand, it was decided to revolutionize the world of sports accessories by creating a new family of products: the “Active” ones. Spring Revolution products not only serve to protect from heat and cold, to avoid blisters and redness, to improve sweating but also to prevent typical ailments (muscles and tendons) that practically all sportsmen incur. “Active” accessories that in many sports become real “tools”: sports tools that are used to improve your own performance.



Innovation has always been the engine of success in the development of the company that constantly invests in research and technology. A winning strategy that has allowed us to constantly anticipate trends and technological innovations in terms of production machinery, yarns, applications, finishes. Years of research and technologically advanced systems bring to the birth of the Spring Revolution brand a new generation of sports socks that pursue the logic of performance, prevention and well-being.


Performance, research, innovation, elegance, quality.

The history of Primavera International follows that of the increasingly rare “Family Company” that survive crises and generational changes. In the world, this type of company is a small number but all pursue a common strategy: EVOLVING INNOVATION. Since its foundation year (1964), Primavera International has kept to this “modus operandi” by reinvesting its profits in the purchase of new machinery and in the research and development of new products.

Its territorial location within the Castel Goffredo sock district allows it, before others, to have privileged access to every novelty both in terms of yarns and machinery and innovations; this has always allowed the company to anticipate trends and technologies to its customers and to be successful in its markets.


Over 1000 active points of sale throughout Italy and Europe.


We are present with our technology in over 25 European countries.


Our testers have traveled more than 10,000km with our products.

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