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What is Merino wool?

Merino wool is a natural fiber obtained from the shearing of Merino sheep. These sheep are originally from the Spanish region of Extremadura but have been spread to many other countries, including Australia, where the majority of the world’s Merino wool production is currently located.

This wool stands out for its superior quality compared to other types. The fibers of Merino wool are very fine (twice as thin as regular wool) and soft to the touch, making them particularly comfortable to wear directly against the skin. Merino sheep have been bred and selected over the years to produce high-quality wool with fine and uniform fibers.


AERO2 line

The merino wool garments from the AERO2 line by Spring Revolution are designed as sportswear for men and women, with a triple focus on performance, well-being, and fashion. Designed for everyone, they are exceptional for sports enthusiasts.


Ventilation zones allow for perfect airflow, making the garment suitable for all four seasons. It provides thermal insulation during winter while remaining lightweight and cool for summer. Merino wool is synonymous with performance.


The fabric is durable and elastic, allowing it to perfectly conform to the body’s contours. The fineness of the merino wool makes the garment feel like a second skin, leaving a soft sensation suitable for all types of sensitivities.


The design has been created to break away from the typical “pyjama” underwear style. A perfect blend of simplicity and elegance makes the garment versatile, perfect for socializing after activities, always with a focus on style.


What are the qualities of merino wool?


Odor Free technology

Aero 2 Merino Wool Garments are designed for sport but are also ideal in everyday life thanks to the qualities that make extrafine Merino wool unique:
• Drier skin thanks to the greater sweat evacuation power
• Less irritated skin thanks to the very reduced thickness with which the garments are made and to the mechanical processing of the yarn that makes it much softer.
• Absence of bad odors thanks to the sanitizing characteristics of the yarn

Extra fine Merino Wool: Comfort and performability at high altitudes!

The merino wool fiber of Extrafine Merino Wool: Regulates the temperature and humidity during sports activity better than any other fiber.

It offers a touch of softness., absorbs sweat and releases it while keeping the skin dry. Keeps clothing fresh free from bad odor even after strenuous exercise. In addition to offering natural protection from UV rays, this material is ideal for keeping the body warm even in the coldest outdoor performances.

Antistatic: it does not create any static electricity problems due to the natural construction of the wool fiber.

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