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A new generation of sports socks

Years of research and technologically advanced systems lead to the creation of PODO2, a new generation of sports socks created for performances, prevention and well-being of the athlete.
Products that arise from the comparison with end users on comfort, performance and functionality with particular focus on the prevention of pathologies resulting from wear and tear of joints and ligaments.

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Spring Revolution’s PODO2 line is 100% Made in Italy and is ideal for sports and outdoor activities: running, trail, Nordic walking, hiking, trekking, biking, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, skiing, cross-country skiing, motorcycles, tennis, golf, gym. Within the PODO2 line, preventive supports are also available for safe sports activities.

  • Progressive compression zone
  • Protective structure of the Achilles tendon
  • Ankle support and protection structure
  • Arch support structure
  • Protective structure of the Achilles tendon
  • XCrossSystem support and ankle protection structure
  • Arch support structure
  • “Perfect Fit” transversal stretch band on the ankle
  • Arch support structure
  • “Friction Free” stitching in forefoot

Best Performance with the Best Comfort

The company uses only high-quality yarns; chooses the ideal combination of yarns for each item; obtains exclusive models with specific peculiarities that improve the well-being and performance of the athlete.

Years of research and technologically advanced systems lead to the birth of the Spring Revolution brand, a new generation of sports socks that pursue the logic of well-being, prevention and performance.

Among the yarns used, the soft, but resistant, Microlon which, positioned in specific points of the sock, at the foot arch and on the ankle, helps to improve stability and helps prevent any illness due to excessive stress of the foot.

Also noteworthy are the models made with comfortable Soft Air, a yarn suitable for all seasons: it cools the foot in summer, warms it in winter and protects the onset of blisters.

The PODO2 top range model line aims to improve ankle stability, protect from sprained trauma, support the arch and protect the Achilles tendon.

Thanks to the presence of specific localized support and protection structures, the PODO2 technical socks are a must for all the sportsmen.

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Dryarn® is a high performance fiber.

Our socks are made with Dryarn ³ an innovative yarn that offers comfort, technology and practicality to the wearer. Lightweight, insulating, breathable, Dryarn” is the best ally of an athlete’s sports performance.

Thanks to the ability of this microfiber to expel moisture and perspiration, the garments made of Dryarn offer absolute comfort and high performance in terms of dryness and fit. Thanks to its exceptional insulation capacity, the Dryarn maintains the ideal body temperature, protects from cold and heat, and is ideal for the foot of any athlete.

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