Running has two great advantages compared to other sports such as swimming or cycling: practicality (spent time and required resources) and calorie expenditure. But not only: the beneficial effects of running on the body are countless. Running is good for the mind and relieves stress, keeps us in shape, accentuates our good mood. 

It is also proven to be effective in preventing heart diseases and those affecting the entire cardiovascular system, thanks to its positive effect on blood pressure and its ability to counteract hypertension.

These are some of the main reasons why so many people, every day, decide to spend part of their free time running. All too often, however, the possibility of accidents is underestimated. Running, in fact, is one of the sports that most stresses the joints (especially knees, ankles and trunk). 

How can we prevent injuries? A fundamental role is played by the correct choice of clothing! By studying and analyzing the needs of athletes, Spring Revolution 2.0 has developed specific lines dedicated to prevention of accidents and improvement of performance.

SR2 line was born, in fact, to improve the stability of the ankle and avoid sprains, support the foot arch of and protect the Achilles tendon. Thanks to the presence of specific support structures and localized protection, the technical socks by Spring Revolution 2.0 are a must for both beginner runners and for masters and elites looking to improve their performance.

REVO2 line was created, instead, with the aim of improving posture and breathing. The regular and constant pressure structure, exerted by elastomers placed in the dorsal part of REVO2 postural shirts, promotes the ideal posture. The absence of frontal compression, on the other hand, allows the diaphragm to expand naturally, improving oxygenation while breathing.

Who wants to get in shape and has chosen to run, therefore, should make sure to wear always the right clothes. Not only to improve performances, but also to prevent unpleasant injuries.

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