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Product code:464

The panta 464 is a long trousers made of soft and breathable Dryarn®. Designed for those who carry out sports (movement) activities for long periods of time (i.e. for at least 90 minutes).

Perfect for:


The revolution of postural clothing

Revo2: a line designed to improve performance, combining localized postural support with maximum breathability.

Ideal processes for the sportsman who wants to improve results and prevent problems.

The triple function postural sports trousers:

Postural support, oxygenation and transpiration are the results guaranteed by the technology of these incredible briefs with an irresistible design.

Dryarn® is a highly performing fiber.

Our 464 trousers are made with Dryarn® an innovative yarn that offers the wearer comfort, technology and practicality. Lightweight, insulating, breathable, Dryarn® is the best ally of an athlete’s sports performance.
Thanks to the ability of this microfiber to expel moisture and perspiration, garments made of Dryarn offer absolute comfort and high performance in terms of dryness and wearability. Thanks to its exceptional insulation capacity, the Dryarn maintains the ideal body temperature, protects from cold and heat, and is ideal for the body of any athlete.