Long Thermal Fully Cushioned Socks

Product code:954

The 954 sock is a long sock designed for both the outdoor and hunting and fishing worlds made with a mix of Wool and Acrylic that makes the product warm and soft. It has a front absorbent structure placed at the shin level that protects against minor impacts.


A New Generation of Sport Socks

Years of research and technologically advanced systems lead to the creation of PODO2, a new generation of sports socks created for the well-being, prevention and performance of the sportsman.

100% Made in Italy products that arise from the ability to listen to the needs of those who are attentive to comfort during sports activity and beyond, who require supports that can prevent pathologies due to joint wear and tear, consequently improving performance.

Maximum Performance in Maximum Comfort

The application of principles of Biomechanics starting with the study of the dynamics of the foot has enabled us to create revolutionary and innovative socks that can improve performance and preserve the well-being of the wearer.

Comfort, Durability, Design and above all Prevention!

Athletes often aim to improve their performance by increasing the workload during their training, however, increasing the risk of injury.
For this reason, it is increasingly important to use products that prevent ailments and injuries: especially those of the foot and leg, which are the “hardest” to heal.
Our socks are designed, precisely, with this goal in mind: to combine prevention and increased performance.
Our products can prevent , depending on the model chosen: inflammation of the Achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis, ankle laxity, the onset of corns and blisters, and of course … from heat and cold.
Not only that. A research done with an Italian Clinic has proven that for several pathologies the use of some of our products can reduce recovery time by up to 50%!

Extra fine Merino wool, for a foot that is always warm!

Extrafine Merino Wool fiber: Regulates temperature and moisture during sports activity better than any other fiber.
Provides a soft, “eco-friendly” touch. Absorbs sweat and releases it, keeping the
dry skin. Keeps clothing fresh without odor even after intense exercise.

In addition to offering natural UV protection this material is ideal for keeping the foot warm even in the coldest outdoor performance.

Antistatic: does not create any static electricity problems due to the natural
construction of the wool fiber.

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