Men’s long-sleeved shirt with high collar

Product code:133

The 133 shirt is a long-sleeved shirt made with REPETITA, a yarn obtained by recycling plastic bottles that are given a second life. The jersey is soft, breathable, fresh and comfortable during use. It features a breathable high collar with mesh insert.

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Puro2 Collection: Recycle, Respect, Revolution

Puro2 projects the Spring Revolution brand into the circular economy era made of products that use recycled materials.

The garments that are part of the line respect the brand’s mission which is based on five cornerstones: innovation, aesthetics, functionality, performance, 100% Made in Italy.

Cornerstones to which respect for the environment is now added in order to be “engines” of change.

Now it is up to you to believe in us, to support this change. Because the “effort” must be joint between companies and consumers aware that the future is our tomorrow. Change your way of thinking, update your way of dressing, live in the present with an eye to the future.

Your future is PURO2.

Performance can be sustainable.

Very high breathability is the key word of this line. The combination of two latest generation recycled fibers, Repetita® and Dryarn, increases the evaporative and thermal capacity of the garments, allowing you to stay cool and dry during your favorite physical activity.

The performance of the Puro2 line is exceptional thanks to the very low degree of opposition to the passage of steam and the level of moisture absorption, i.e. how the garments retain and release sweat. Technical, beautiful, and eco-sustainable garments that can be worn indiscriminately by everyone regardless of their “physicality”

Performance for you. Protection for the planet.

The Puro2 collection is made up of garments made using the innovative Repetita® yarn, a fiber obtained from the 100% reuse of plastic bottles.

Plastic is back in fashion. Repetita® is the new frontier of the circular economy. When you wear a polyester (PET) garment produced with Repetita® you will have contributed to protecting the planet because no new resources will be used and the plastic bottle from which you drink your water will become your performance garment to use while doing sports and / or in your daily life.

Those who decide to wear these garments do so not only thinking about themselves but also about its community because it decides to contribute to preserving the environment by reducing the use of water and the production of carbon dioxide.

Dryarn® is a high-performance fiber.

An innovative polypropylene microfiber with excellent performance is part of the core of Puro2 thermal clothing. It is an ultra-lightweight, 100% recyclable fiber that is ideal for its very high levels of breathability, whether in mild sporting activities or high physical exertion.

It is able to collect sweat to transfer it to the surface and then release it quickly and effectively. Dryarn is a true breathable barrier that functions as an inlet insulator and vehicle of sweat to the outside.

It offers the wearer comfort, functionality and practicality. Lightweight, insulating, breathable, Dryarn® is the best ally of an athlete’s sports performance.