Thermic Active Socks

Product code:1007

The 1007 sock is a Mid-Size sock designed for the outdoor world made with the soft and insulating ISOLWOOL®, a yarn that allows you to create a very snug product.

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A new generation of sports socks

Years of research and technologically advanced systems lead to the creation of PODO2, a new generation of sports socks created for the well-being, prevention and performance of the athlete.

100% Made in Italy products that arise from the ability to listen to the needs of those who are attentive to comfort during sporting activities and beyond, requiring supports that can prevent pathologies due to wear and tear on the joints, thereby improving performance.

Maximum Performance in Maximum Comfort

The application of the principles of Biomechanics starting from the study of the dynamics of the foot has allowed us to create revolutionary and innovative socks able to improve performance and preserve the well-being of the wearer.
Thanks to the “Perfect Fit” cross band, mechanical wicking area, comfort cuff, and soft, insulating ISOLWOOL® This sock is ideal for the outdoor world! allows the foot to stay warm in maximum comfort with the best temperature and maximum stability.

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