Women’s briefs with mesh side inserts

Product code:73-W

Slip 73 is a women’s slip with mesh side inserts made with REPETITA a yarn obtained by recycling plastic bottles that are given a second life. The briefs are soft, breathable, cool and comfortable during use.


Puro2 Collection: Recycle, Respect, Revolution

Puro2 projects the Spring Revolution brand into the circular economy era made of products that use recycled materials.

The garments that are part of the line respect the brand’s mission which is based on five cornerstones: innovation, aesthetics, functionality, performance, 100% Made in Italy.

Cornerstones to which respect for the environment is now added in order to be “engines” of change.

Now it is up to you to believe in us, to support this change. Because the “effort” must be joint between companies and consumers aware that the future is our tomorrow. Change your way of thinking, update your way of dressing, live in the present with an eye to the future.

Your future is PURO2.