Why is it important to maintain a correct posture?

Postural problems are a common condition caused by misalignment of the body and spine.

Incorrect posture can lead to a range of issues, including headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, muscle tension, stiffness, and fatigue, often affecting breathing.

Maintaining incorrect positions can also cause permanent damage to the spine, promoting the development of hyperkyphosis or hyperlordosis, conditions in which the curvatures of the spine exhibit abnormal changes.

It is important to adopt a correct posture during daily activities such as walking or engaging in sports. Additionally, maintaining good ergonomics at work or school is crucial, although it is not always easy due to repeated incorrect behaviors.

This is why support is needed to help improve one’s habits.

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The revolution of postural garments

The postural garment from the REVO2 line by Spring Revolution is designed to promote correct posture during physical activity, reducing stress and tension on muscles and joints. This helps increase movement efficiency, improve breathing, and reduce the risk of injuries.

The seamless technology makes it particularly comfortable, unlike other devices that have hooks, straps, or highly invasive seams. This makes the postural garment suitable to be worn throughout the day, helping maintain good ergonomics during work and leisure time.

To correct posture, the REVO2 garment utilizes elastic bands that apply compression to the back and lumbar muscles. Unlike other compression garments, REVO2 provides targeted compression only on the back, allowing the chest to expand and contract naturally without compromising the breathing phase. In fact, breathing is stimulated, resulting in a greater supply of oxygen that rejuvenates the body.

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An innovative microfiber in polypropylene with excellent performance is the “secret” that makes REVO2 technical clothing suitable for all four seasons. Dryarn® is a fiber originally designed for sports and is now used in various fields, including the medical sector.

Dryarn® has the extraordinary ability to keep the skin dry. Its breathable structure and low liquid absorption capacity (20 times lower than nylon) ensure that sweat is expelled to the outside.

The surface tension of the microfiber makes it bacteriostatic and completely hypoallergenic, ensuring high hygiene standards and zero unpleasant odors.

Dryarn® is super lightweight (10km of fiber = 1g), yet it has excellent thermal insulation capacity, surpassing that of wool (10/9.4), making it perfect for winter underwear as well.


The benefits of postural garments

The tension generated on the muscles ‘reminds’ you not to involuntarily adopt incorrect postural positions. To compensate for these incorrect postures, our body assumes other positions that over time can lead to physical pain. Even when we are not aware of it, it is useful to have feedback that reminds you to limit incorrect spinal attitudes that can result in unwanted pain.

The long-term benefits of the garment can provide advantages such as:

– Improved lung function, i.e., better lung ventilation.

– Relaxation of the neck muscles, especially the trapezius, which have less load to bear.

– Improved tone of the abdominal wall and a feeling of having less ‘protruding belly,’ due to the realignment of the thoracic kyphosis and less tension in the neck and back.

I also see good utility in conditions that are largely caused by prolonged incorrect positions, such as painful shoulder syndromes, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine conditions, which can be resolved with the help of Spring Revolution postural garments.

Dr. Ugo Venturini – Massage Therapist, Osteopath, and Kinesiologist at Studio Venturini (BS)

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