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The revolution of postural mesh

REVO2: a line designed to improve performance, combining postural support and improved respiratory efficiency.
Ideal processes for athletes who want to improve results and prevent problems.
Absence of generalized compression: unlike compression meshes, the REVO2 mesh, being a localized compression postural mesh, does not compress everywhere but only where needed.

The regular and constant pressure, is exercised, in fact, only in some specific points (dorsal part of the mesh) in order to “correct” the posture, without giving rise to the typical discomfort of the thoracic “constriction”.

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An innovative polypropylene microfiber with excellent performance is the “secret” that makes REVO2 technical clothing a real 4 seasons. The Dryarn is a fiber designed for sport that is nowadays also used in many areas such as medical. Lightweight, durable, breathable, odorless, which dries quickly are the advantages that distinguish it making it unique and inimitable.

Postural t-shirt with irresistible design

  • prevent back pain;
  • delay the decay process;
  • improve breathing;
  • improve the performance;
  • reduce stress;

REVO2 postural sweaters are revolutionary because they focus on compression only where it is needed, do not have seams and use yarns with very high technological content.

Postural shirts designed for sportsmen, usable by all. The correct posture allows proper expansion of the diaphragm, thereby improving oxygenation.

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Discover the immediate benefits you get with our jerseys.

The immediate advantages that are obtained with the shirts are: increased balance, increased mobility and endurance, improvement of your posture.
They also stimulate the improvement of respiratory capacity and allow a faster recovery in case of some specific injuries. The postural mesh improves both the performance of athletes and the quality of daily life. They can become an efficient adjuvant of some postural therapies.

They are indicated in:

• postural correction and stabilization;
• painful postural syndrome;
• curved or hyper kyphosis back;
• juvenile kyphosis;
• non-neurological bachelor-thoracic dyskinesia;

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