Shipping and Delivery


Deliveries are made to the address indicated by the user and in the manner indicated in the order summary.

Upon delivery, users must verify the contents of the package and promptly report any anomalies to the contact details shown in this document or as described in the delivery note. Users may refuse to accept the package if it is visibly damaged.

Delivery may take place in the countries or territories specified in the relevant section of this application.

Delivery times are indicated on this application or during the purchase process.


The owner is not liable in any way for any delivery errors resulting from inaccuracies or omissions committed by the user in completing the purchase order, nor for any damages or delays occurred after delivery to the carrier if the latter has been instructed by the user.

In the event that the goods are not delivered or picked up at the time or within the deadline, they will be returned to the owner, who will contact the user to schedule a second delivery attempt or agree on further measures.

Unless otherwise specified, any delivery attempt from the second will be at the user’s expense.

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