Sports is an amazing key to health and well-being.
But this is only true if it’s done in a safe, controlled and well managed way. 

Unfortunately, many athletes got to stop at one point or another, due to injuries, inflammation or various kinds of aches.

If you want to maintain health while achieving performances, do these

Start your training with warm-up, but don’t stretch

Can seem counter intuitive, but warming up and stretching are two entirely different actions.

Warming up before starting the training is vital to good results. 

The goal is to pump blood in your muscle and to awake the neural connections between the brain and the body.

Some fast, high intensity exercises are perfect for this.
Try high knees, heeling, crossovers for your legs, and pushups or bench for you upper parts. 

Another excellent way is to lift weights for a few repetitions.
It will fire up your nervous system and energise you really fast.

It must be intense and it must be brief, no need to warm up for more than 10 minutes. 

It’s important that you DON’T stretch before training. 

It’s been scientifically proven that stretching before can lead to worse performances and a greater risk of injuries.  

Muscles gotta be active and firing, not loose and relaxed.
Still, stretching is awesome afterward. 

After a good workout, implement a stretching routine to make sure you’re going to recover fully.


Sleep as much as your body need

Rest is responsible for most of your results.

You can see sleep as just the second half of the workout, because it is.

If you don’t sleep well, your muscle fibres won’t grow, won’t recover and won’t heal. 

After some weeks of mild sleep deprivation not only you will feel weaker and tired, you will risk injuries a lot more. 

If you want results while being healthy, don’t have discipline just with your workouts, but also with sleep. 

When it’s time to rest, go to bed.
If you need more hours of sleep, it’s not weakness. It’s just what your body need after a good workout.


Get a good massage


It’s not actual magic, but it sorta is.
A professional massage can be a real health hack.

While exercising is good for your health in general, it comes with risks.
It’s very easy to throw your muscles off balance when you train. 

Just a simple out of place movement, or a bad walking/running habit, or a little asymmetry in your body can be the gateway to contractures, inflammation, muscle knots and, even worse, injuries.

A good sports massage can loosen your body, help you relax and re-activate poorly working muscles.
Ideally you should get it at least once a month or two. 


Keep yourself hydrated

When you sweat, you’re always at risk of dehydration.
Always drink at least half an hour before training. 

To drink while exercising can be counterproductive.
If you’re doing an high intensity workout, it can weigh you down and make you feel even worse. 

But hydration is not just about losing water, it’s more a salt related problem.
Your body need electrolytes to work properly, and salts are what you need to make it work.

Ever heard about needing “sugar” during workouts?
It’s true, a little bit of fast metabolized carbs can give you a boost of energy, but it’s salts that will keep you going for long.

If you feel tired or low energy, try supplementing magnesium and potassium for a fast and strong support.


Last but not least, choose the right sportswear

To upgrade your performances immediately, upgrade your outfit.

If you aim for excellent performances, you shouldn’t expect less from your sports garments.

The right sportswear won’t only make you feel better during the training, it will support your health and skyrocket your performances.


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