Practicing a sport activity during the winter period is possible thanks to an appropriate sportswear.

When we think of the type of sports that can be practiced outdoors and in winter, we immediately think of the ski slopes, but it is possible to practice different types of sports if you have the support of appropriate sportswear.

Let’s think, for example, of trekking or running, all activities that are practiced outdoors sometimes even in the presence of bad weather conditions, such as when it rains.

In fact, you should not think that it is not possible to practice these sports when it rains, indeed.

As we said a suitable sportswear can make a difference, we report below some clothing solutions that can certainly be an excellent help.

  1. SR02 Sock – 1007

This is a type of Mid Size sock thought for the outdoor world realized with the soft and insulating ISOLWOOL®, a yarn that allows to realize a very binding product. In addition, it has a specific structure placed at the height of the ankle that reduces the overload of the lateral ligaments.

  1. REV02 – Postural Sleeveless T-Shirt

A sleeveless undershirt made of soft and fresh Nilit®Breeze (a material that reduces the surface body temperature), which serves to optimize the posture of the wearer by improving both breathing and oxygenation.

  1. AERO2 – Merinos Wear

This long sleeve jersey, with integrated balaclava and holes for breathing, is made of Merino Soft Touch Wool. It has mesh workings on the back that facilitate the evacuation of sweat, improving the wearability of the garment.

An appropriate sportswear makes the difference, not only allows you to practice an outdoor sport, but also allows you to have excellent sports performance even in unfavorable weather conditions.

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